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Defending You From Criminal Charges

Local Houston residents facing criminal allegations can find passionate, experienced legal representation at the Law Offices of Billy Skinner. Our firm is built on an unwavering desire to help others in need and a genuine passion for criminal defense. Because our Houston criminal defense lawyers leave nothing behind when protecting the rights, freedoms, and futures of our clients, you can be confident when placing your trust in our firm.

Other aspects that set our firm apart from the rest include:

  • 24/7 availability. We are here whenever our clients need us.
  • Defense from a former prosecutor.
  • Personal attention, involvement, and support at every step.
  • Billy Skinner won Avvo Clients’ Choice Award in 2012.

Representation for a Variety of Criminal Cases

Focusing our practice exclusively on criminal defense allows our legal team to effectively represent clients facing a variety of charges. Whether you or your loved one stands accused of driving while intoxicated, a drug crime, or a theft crime, we are prepared to work closely with you to develop customized legal solutions to suit your situation and needs. We also focus considerable energy into handling complex and high-stakes cases, including those involving violent crimes, domestic violence, and juvenile crimes.

Have you been charged with a federal offense?

As a lawyer with extensive experience in state and federal courts, Billy Skinner also actively represents clients facing allegations of federal crimes, including individuals who have been charged with white collar crimes and sex offenses prosecuted at the federal level.

Other federal crimes we can help with:

Just as he does in every case our firm works, he personally invests his fully attention and efforts into counseling clients during investigations and throughout the entirety of their legal journey.

How the Law Offices of Billy Skinner Can Help

Attorney Billy Skinner has been the driving force behind our Houston defense firm’s ability to continually satisfy our clients and deliver successful case results. A former prosecutor with years of legal experience, he has devoted his professional career and personal life to advocating on behalf of people accused of a variety of offenses.

Legally versatile and relentless in his work ethic, he has proven that he goes above and beyond when conducting investigations, preparing meticulously for cases, and fighting aggressively on behalf of clients during negotiations and trials.

What Sets Our Houston Criminal Law Firm Apart

What further places Attorney Skinner apart from the rest is his passion for practicing criminal defense and the sincere care he displays for the clients he serves. He makes it a point to remain accessible to clients and is available whenever they have questions or concerns.

This passion for the law and the accused, combined with his extensive experience, has allowed him to amass an arsenal of insight, resources, and professional connections, which he utilizes to strengthen cases and support clients facing some of the most difficult experiences life has to offer.

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Our firm encourages individuals and families who find themselves in these stressful experiences to reach out to a Houston defense attorney who genuinely cares about helping them overcome these tough times. By scheduling a case evaluation and meeting with a lawyer at our firm, you can obtain a better understanding of your charges, legal rights, and the ways in which our firm can fight on your behalf. Trust your case to a caring firm; call us today.

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