7 Reasons to Choose Billy Skinner

7 Reasons to Choose Billy Skinner

1. Committed to Practicing Criminal Law

The Law Offices of Billy Skinner is devoted to representing the accused. We help all people facing criminal allegations in local, state, and federal courts. Billy Skinner’s dedication to criminal defense and clients is unsurpassed, and it is the reason why he is able to handle even the most complex cases, forge strong professional relationships within the legal community, and deliver results. He uses the entirety of his experience and our firm’s resources to fight for you.

2. Personal Attention to Every Detail of Your Case

A law firm will often introduce a new client to its most qualified lawyers during the initial consultation. Once a client has committed to working with that firm, however, they then transfer the case to an inexperienced junior lawyer. Clients hire Billy Skinner as their legal counsel because of his expertise, high success rate, and passion for the art and craft of law. He also personally handles all the details of a client’s defense.

3. Helping You When You Need It Most

Billy Skinner formed our practice on the premise of helping others in their times of need. When it seems that no one is on your side, he will be there for you. Our staff shares this passion and remains sensitive to your needs. In our eyes, you are innocent until proven guilty. We strive to help you in any way we can, regardless of the circumstances that bring you into our office. For his unrivaled passion, Billy Skinner was awarded Avvo Clients’ Choice award in 2012

4. Everyone Should be Able to Afford a Great Lawyer

Your personal financial situation should not limit your ability to have proven representation on your side. Our firm understands that times are economically difficult for people from all walks of life. At the Law Offices of Billy Skinner, we try our best to accommodate everyone’s financial needs and offer a variety of payment plans.

5. Providing You with Outstanding and Well-Prepared Representation

Our firm takes pride in our focus on meticulously preparing for cases and providing the most outstanding services possible. Your calls will be returned on the same day and we keep you fully informed throughout the entirety of your case. You can correspond with Billy Skinner in a variety of ways, including email, telephone, or text message. We also fully educate you on all aspects of the legal process and explain your options for defense. After your trial, we continue to follow up with you and address any issues that you may have.

6. Complete, Thorough Investigations of the Government’s Accusations

Prosecutors frequently present evidence that is conflicting, vague, or just completely incorrect. To challenge such evidence, it is important for you to hire a defense attorney with a vast knowledge of the Texas legal system. Having spent years in criminal law, Billy Skinner has the skills to investigate and analyze all evidence. He also has more than a decade of experience in working with law enforcement, which provides our firm with valuable insight into what is legitimate evidence and what is not. When we investigate the evidence against you, we will report any unreliable information to the court. In many cases, this saves our clients from unmerited convictions.

7. We Will Fight for Your Freedom

As your Houston criminal defense lawyer, Billy Skinner will fight to protect your legal rights. By using his experience to investigate the details of your case, examine the evidence against you, and consider every angle of your defense, Billy Skinner can provide you with the high-quality support and representation you deserve. As demonstrated by the positive case results we deliver, it is clear that we will go to battle for your freedom.

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