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84-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hiring Hitman

An 84-year-old Montgomery County inmate was accused of hiring a hitman to murder the Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney and hospitalize the Montgomery County D.A. According to one news source, the woman tried to hire a hitman to put the D.A. “in the hospital for three weeks.”

The 84-year-old woman is currently incarcerated for a second-degree felony theft charge. Her plan was discovered when she expressed the desire to hire a hitman and was given the name and phone number of an undercover law enforcement officer. When law enforcement found out that she wanted to harm the D.A., they provided her with the opportunity to offer the officer money for the hit.

During a meeting with the officer, she allegedly offered him/her $5,000 to kill the Assistant D.A. and $2,500 to hospitalize the District Attorney. The woman was questioned earlier today and confessed to the scheme. Before the confession, officers showed her pictures of an unrelated crime scene and told her that the plan was successful. She apparently showed to indication of regret.

According to local news sources, the attempted hit came after a string of similar murders. Several months ago, the Kaufman County District Attorney and his wife were found dead. A Kaufman County assistant prosecutor was assassinated too. The Montgomery County District Attorney thinks that the 84-year-old woman hoped to take advantage of the other murders.

He said, “(The inmate) hoped to capitalize on the tragic murder of the Kaufman County District Attorney, his wife and Assistant District Attorney…to disrupt the prosecution of her theft charge in the most violent way possible. Criminals that plot and threaten to harm those in law enforcement and prosecution need to know that we are watching.” The Montgomery County D.A. said that the woman can “expect us to prosecute [her] to the fullest extent of the law.”

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