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Houston Law Enforcement Cracks Down on Sex Crimes During OTC

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is ready to crack down on sex crimes in Houston this weekend during the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). After a Free the Captives approached the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, local law enforcement teamed up with the nonprofit group to publicize the consequences of buying and selling sex. Paying for sex is illegal, the sheriff’s department reminded OTC attendees. “Whether you solicit online or on the streets, you are going to be caught,” said an office with the Harris County office. “The majority of sex trafficking victims are females,” he said, “Many are underage girls.”

Free the Captives is a nonprofit group committed to ending sex trafficking and sex slavery in Houston and the surrounding areas. Free the Captives will bring approximately 100 volunteers to OTC, where team members will pass out 3,000 fliers as people from the conference attend the Astros game. A spokesperson for Free the Captives said, “If you want to effectively fight sex trafficking, you have to go to the root of the issue, and that’s the buyers.” According to the woman, human trafficking in Houston spikes every year during the OTC conference.

Houston Sex Crime Attorney

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