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The Importance of Experienced Representation for Federal Crimes

When charged with a criminal offense, defendants may face prosecution for violating state or federal law. In most cases, acts and offenses made illegal by state law are also illegal under federal law. As a majority of cases are handled by state courts, however, federal charges are often reserved for more serious offenses. In the event that a person directly violates federal law, commits an offense on federal property, harms or victimizes multiple people, commits a crime across state lines, or are involved in large-scale criminal organizations or operations, they can potentially be charged with a federal crime.

If you or a loved one currently stands accused of a federal crime, it is of the utmost importance that you understand the heightened severity and stakes in these types of cases. Handled by federal organizations and prosecutors, federal crimes are backed by more resources and manpower than those prosecuted at the state level. Federal investigations can be meticulous and invasive, prosecution aggressive, and penalties incredibly harsh – many involving minimum terms of imprisonment.

Crimes that are typically prosecuted as federal offenses include those committed directly against the U.S. government – such as tax evasion or tax fraud, mortgage or securities fraud, insurance and healthcare fraud, and other serious violent or firearm offenses. Drug crimes that involve large-scale operations and multiple jurisdictions, internet crimes, various sex crimes, and other white collar crimes are also often prosecuted as federal crimes.

As these cases place one’s freedom and future on the line, working with experienced attorneys is crucial. As Attorney Billy Skinner is a former prosecutor who has handled numerous federal cases throughout the years, he is well aware of the investigative tactics used by many of the federal organizations in charge of handling federal crimes. Equipped with the resources and skills to ensure that clients’ rights are protected during investigations conducted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), our firm is capable of protecting clients’ rights at all stages of their legal journeys.

Although penalties will vary depending on the specific charge involved and one’s criminal history, federal crimes typically impose harsher criminal penalties than crimes prosecuted at the state or local level. Federal crimes often enforce mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment, which makes experienced and aggressive defense essential to protecting one’s freedom. Anyone facing a federal crime in Houston or the surrounding areas should also be aware that federal law enforcement agencies will take many precautions when building a case. By retaining the help and representation of a proven Houston criminal defense attorney from Billy Skinner & Associates as soon as you are aware of an investigation or pending charge, you or your loved one can ensure that your rights are upheld from the moment investigations begin and that your defense can be constructed early on in your legal journey. Do not delay in learning more about federal crimes, the penalties at stake in your particular case, and how our firm can help. Contact a Houston federal crime lawyer today.