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Billy Skinner Plays Key Role in Houston Sex Trafficking Case

In an indictment that was unsealed on Friday morning, October 18th, 14 suspects were revealed in connection with an alleged sex trafficking ring conducted in Houston. One of the prime suspects in the case – listed number 2 of 14 by the government for involvement and importance – is being represented by Attorney Billy Skinner. Skinner will defend his client against allegations of:

  • Operating a sex trafficking ring that prostituted underage and undocumented girls from Mexico
  • Charging premium prices for sexual acts, sometimes up to $500
  • Beating girls whose clients seemed to leave the bar or brothel unhappy / dissatisfied

For accusations as serious as those listed above, nothing short of an aggressive and experienced attorney is necessary. Skilled in sex crime defense, our lead attorney can identify false accusations, lack of evidence, and other factors that might favor the client. At Billy Skinner & Associates, we believe in fighting for justice; we believe that being falsely accused or too harshly punished is equally as unjust as committing a crime.

Backed by his experience as a former prosecutor, Billy Skinner will approach this case with the tactics that he’s learned and adapted over the years. Our firm has successfully handled a number of sex-related defense cases, and we have been successful in:

  • Getting cases dismissed
  • Getting charges dropped
  • Getting “No Bills” from the grand jury
  • Getting prison sentences dismissed

To learn more about our sex crime defense practice, call us today at 713-600-7777. View more of our past cases and successes here.