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DWI Probation Violation: What to Expect in your Case

When convicted of a DWI, one of the penalties you may face can include probation. This means that you are required to be monitored by a probation officer, and oftentimes must face additional restrictions and limitations. Also, individuals on probation run the risk of immediate arrest if they commit another crime.

Violating probation occurs when an individual fails to comply with the DWI probation and instead violates the terms. If you violate your probation, you can expect a re-arrest. Probationers can also be arrested if they fail to pay fines, or if they are contacted by the police for any reason.

In Texas, violating probation will result in a fine of up to $2,000 and jail up to 180 days. The jail sentence cannot exceed the original sentence that was affiliated with the original crime. So if a person could have spent 90 days in jail but was instead given 90 days probation, the individual cannot be required to head back to jail for more than 90 days.

Also, an increase in community service hours and possibly additional suspended license time may be issued. If you are accused of a probation violation for a DWI in the state of Texas, then you may benefit from receiving the guidance of an experienced attorney. You will want a lawyer on your side that is experienced when it comes to probation violation defense. Hire a Houston DWI defense attorney at Billy Skinner & Associates to assist you in your case right away!

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