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Sex Offender Registration in Texas

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In Texas, a majority of sex crime convictions – and even some consensual or non-sexual crimes – will subject offenders to mandatory sex offender registration. Once on the Texas sex offender registry, convicted individuals will have their personal information – including their name and address – made available to the public. Other requirements may also be enforced, including risk assessment, routine monitoring or reporting, collection of DNA specimen, and other limitations or restrictions.

Who is Required to Register as a Sex Offender in Texas?

Sex offender registration, for many, is the most profound and life-altering sex crime penalty. Most individuals convicted of a sex crime – even minor offenses – can face mandatory sex offender registration. Some of the offenses that require registration include, but are not limited to:

Aside from working toward dismissals, our legal team understands the need to develop defense strategies or negotiations that aim to avoid mandatory registration. As the minimum term of registration is 10 years, we know that our clients’ futures are on the line, and we defend them aggressively.

Although the nature of the charge can affect the length of time that an individual is required to remain on the registry, sex offender registration is typically a long-term – and often life-long – consequence. You can learn more about the minimum terms of sex offender registry for Texas sex crimes on the Texas Department of Public Safety website. Our Houston sex crime lawyers can also help you understand the terms and requirements for your particular charge during a consultation.


As the recent of recent legislation, certain convicted sex offenders may be eligible for deregistration or early termination. Generally, early termination requires the following:

  • Only one conviction requiring offender registration;
  • An offense that requires a longer term of registrations under Texas law than under Federal law (view the TxDPS chart to see which charges qualify); and
  • Completion of sex offender treatment or counseling

Other conditions may apply depending on the facts of a charge and case, and our legal team can help you better understand your circumstances and eligibility.

Failure to Register

The state of Texas has significantly tightened the restrictions and penalties surrounding convicted sex offenders. As a result, any individual who fails to register or who violates terms of registration can face serious criminal consequences. Typically, the length and terms of one’s registration status will affect the severity of charges they may face for failing to register. These charges can include:

  • 10 year registration – state jail felony (180 days to two years imprisonment)
  • Lifetime registration with annual verification – third-degree felony (2 to 10 years imprisonment)
  • Lifetime registration with ninety day verification – second-degree felony (2 to 20 years imprisonment)

As a felony level offense, failure to register as a sex offender in Texas is punishable by mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment. Courts may also subject convicted individuals to up to $10,000 in fines.

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