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Case 127

Client hired BSA in January of 2011 in regards to an investigation of Indecency with a child. Accuser was the 9-year-old friend of client’s daughter. Client was ultimately charged with indecency with a child by contact. BSA adamantly denied the accusation on client’s behalf throughout the investigation, presented a packet to the Grand Jury, and made client available to testify before the Grand Jury. Assistant District Attorney did not ask client to testify in front of Grand Jury and client was indicted. BSA continued to fight the case and the case was ultimately set for trial. Client turned down multiple plea bargain offers throughout the process and continued to maintain his innocence. Trial was held and after 7 days, a mis-trial was rendered based on a hung jury. State offered client a plea agreement on a misdemeanor and client rejected the offer. Client maintained his innocence and ultimately the State dismissed the case.