Client-Attorney Relationships

Building Client-Attorney Relationships

The Law Offices of Billy Skinner is dedicated to cultivating real relationships with the individuals and families we serve. Not only does our focus on building close client-attorney relationships provide our clients with a welcoming atmosphere, but it has also proven to be one of the main reasons behind our ability to satisfy clients and deliver them successful results. Should you choose to hire our firm as your legal representatives, you can be sure that we will always remain confidential, attentive to your needs, and focused on helping you obtain a positive outcome.

Close Communication

We focus on establishing and maintaining close working relationships and honest communication with each and every client. Billy Skinner is personally involved in your case and makes it a point to fully understand your personal situation so that customized legal solutions can be created. He is also easily accessible and intent on keeping you informed and educated throughout your case.

Comfortable Atmosphere

Although the clients our firm has helped have come from all walks of life, they have all benefited from the comfortable atmosphere of our firm and the genuinely compassionate and caring nature of Billy Skinner. No member of our firm passes judgment on our clients. As a result of this down-to-earth atmosphere, clients feel comfortable about discussing all the facts related to their case, no matter how serious or uncomfortable. This ultimately allows Billy Skinner and our legal team to craft the most effective defense strategies possible.


As Billy Skinner personally invests himself into the cases he works and into the lives of the clients he serves, he values the trust they place in our firm to help them through these difficult and troubling times. This is why we reciprocate and return the favor by always remaining supportive and respectful and by placing an emphasis on keeping our clients’ cases confidential.

Attorney-Client Privileges

It is also important to understand that client-attorney relationships entail certain legal concepts about communication and confidentiality. The attorney-client privilege, for example, refers to the fact that any issues discussed between only the client and their lawyer cannot be divulged to any other person, including a judge. This means a client should feel free to confide in their lawyer without fear or recriminations. Although this is a professional relationship, Billy Skinner goes the extra mile by personally dedicating himself to the needs of clients. The real and sincere working relationships we create improve both client experiences and their defense.

Retain the client-focused representation you deserve!

Our firm focuses on real client-attorney relationships in addition to the confidentiality agreement established by the attorney-client privilege, not because of it. Being personally tuned to the unique needs and goals of our clients motivates our Houston criminal defense lawyers to fight aggressively on their behalf throughout every step of their legal journey. We value these relationships, and we know they only serve to benefit our clients.

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