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Juvenile Crime Attorney in Houston

If your son or daughter has recently been arrested and / or charged with a criminal offense, taking proactive measures can benefit you and your family immensely. In addition, retaining legal representation can ensure that caring and capable hands are always nearby and available to your needs and concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At times when your child should be excited about and preparing for new avenues of opportunity in their life, criminal accusations can create extensive setbacks, numerous limitations, and long-term or life-long restrictions. Our Houston criminal defense lawyers work to have these charges dismissed or to reduce their impact on your loved one. We are prepared to represent minors in juvenile criminal proceedings relating to any criminal charge, including:

Whether these cases are handled in a juvenile court or if a minor faces allegations as an adult offender, our legal team fights aggressively and with the motive to find creative and viable avenues for attaining goals.

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The personal involvement of Billy Skinner in every case our firm handles proves indispensable in cases involving juvenile crimes. A Houston criminal defense lawyer passionate about helping others and about what he does for a living, Billy Skinner focuses on the clients he serves and the things that other legal professionals all too often neglect. When handling such poignant cases, he works closely with both parents and accused individuals. He delves into understanding why these charges arose and what can be done to address any underlying problems that may exist.

A former prosecutor that has seen his fair share of criminal offenders, especially recidivists who continually cycle through the legal system, he works to help young clients find the help, information, or support they need so as to guide them toward a future uninhibited by crime, or the repercussions of crime. Should alleged charges be symptomatic of larger problems experienced by a young client, including substance abuse, our firm can tap into our extensive resources to provide the highest-quality and most comprehensive support possible.

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Our legal team is focused on winning. We have the experience, insight, and positions to help our clients in personal and life-changing ways, should they choose to work with us. We invite you to visit our office, meet with our lead attorney, and learn about how we can support you through these tough times. If you are located anywhere in Houston or the nearby communities, allow our firm to fight for your child’s future.

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