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Representation for All Drug Crime Charges

While debate surrounding the effectiveness, efficiency, and costs of the American War on Drugs continues, one need only to look at the prevalence of drug crime convictions in Houston and other nearby communities to know that it is still alive and well in Texas. As common as drug crimes may be, they remain extremely serious and potentially devastating to people who stand accused. If you, a friend, or a family member is facing any type of drug crime charge, allow our Houston defense lawyers to fight on your behalf and protect you against serious criminal penalties.

Some of the charges we are prepared to handle include:

  • Possession / Possession with Intent
  • Distribution & Conspiracy
  • Cultivation of Marijuana
  • Manufacturing
  • Prescription Fraud
  • Trafficking
  • Federal Drug Crimes

Attorney Billy Skinner has integrated extensive legal experience and time spent as a former prosecutor with unyielding work ethic to produce numerous successful case results for clients accused of drug offenses. From minor possession allegations to the most serious federal drug crimes, these cases pose life-altering consequences. Fully aware of how deeply these repercussions can affect clients, our lead attorney devotes himself and our firm’s resources to obtaining a case dismissal or a reduction of charges and penalties.

What to Expect with Texas Drug Offenses

Drug charges can vary depending on a number of factors, which include the:

  • Type of drug allegedly involved
  • Amount of the controlled substance
  • Prior criminal record of the accused

Controlled substances are categorized into drug schedules, meaning certain drugs considered to be more dangerous carry stiffer penalties. For example, Penalty Group 1 drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, pose the most serious penalties, while Penalty Group 4 drugs, such as less buprenorphine, have the least serious.

Why You Should Hire Billy Skinner & Associations

Whatever allegation you face and whatever controlled substance is allegedly involved, you can be sure that our Houston criminal defense lawyers possess the experience and insight to handle your case. As charges can vary depending on the personal circumstance involved, our legal team knows the importance of crafting customized defense strategies. Our focus on remaining available 24/7 to clients not only helps clients to feel more secure during the difficult legal journey, but also allows us to gain a better understanding of the people we serve. With open communication, we can then develop strong, effective defense plans. This includes helping clients who wish to seek alternative sentencing options such as substance abuse programs.

Our firm is proud to have obtained many victories in drug crime cases, such as:

  • CASE DISMISSED: Former health clinic employee who possessed a fraudulent prescription
  • CASE DISMISSED: More than 40 marijuana plants found during execution of a search warrant
  • CASE DISMISSED: Client admitted marijuana was his after officer saw it in plain view
  • CASE DISMISSED: Cocaine found in client’s pocket after arrested outside a friend’s home

See for yourself our firm’s impressive victories!

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From investigating the law enforcement’s arresting protocol, including search and seizures, to guiding you through your case, our criminal defense team has an immovable commitment to remain by the sides of the individuals and families he serves. Our firm sincerely cares about our clients and their cases, and we go above and beyond in our efforts to deliver them the successful results they need.

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