Charges of Intoxication Assault & Manslaughter

A Houston DWI arrest is a serious matter that should only be defended by a specialized Houston DWI attorney. When a DWI includes a fatality or serious injury, the stakes are raised significantly and the margin of error for defending this type of felony charge is nonexistent. If you are facing an intoxication assault or manslaughter charge in the Houston area, contact the Law Offices of Billy Skinner as soon as possible to properly begin mounting a solid defense against these very serious charges. The charge of intoxication assault is brought against a driver when he is found to be driving while intoxicated and causes an accident which results in the serious injury of another person. If an intoxicated driver causes an accident which results in a fatality, he will be charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Defense for Intoxication Assault & Manslaughter

Both of these charges are considered felonies in Texas and can result in extensive penalties including fines and jail time. Conviction of a felony can negatively affect employment and cause the revocation of privileges such as voting or possessing a handgun. The administrative penalties for a conviction include the following:

  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • Incarceration from 2-10 years (up to 20 years for manslaughter)
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Mandatory Ignition Interlock Devices

Due to the grave nature of these offenses and the impact to the victims, Texas takes these prosecutions extremely seriously and will spare no expense in obtaining a conviction and consequently applying the maximum penalties allowed by law. A conviction on charges of this magnitude can affect a driver for the rest of their lives.

How the Law Offices of Billy Skinner Can Help

An experienced Houston intoxication assault or manslaughter lawyer knows how to mount a strong defense against these charges. In some circumstances Mr. Skinner will utilize the services of accident reconstruction experts to better determine who was actually at fault in the accident and identify other contributing factors that may take the spotlight off the defendant. A knowledgeable lawyer can recognize weaknesses in the DWI-related aspects of the case such as the improper administration of field sobriety evaluations or chemical tests. Using these techniques, our criminal law firm can help you work toward the best outcome possible and ensure that your rights are protected.