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Facing federal counterfeiting charges?

Counterfeiting is an old crime that has expanded and evolved considerably in modern times. Today, counterfeiting has a serious impact on consumers, businesses, and the government, which is why authorities are intent on prosecuting and convicting those who commit this offense. As a federal crime, counterfeiting generally involves the fraudulent reproduction of an item to make it appear as if it were the real thing. In some cases, counterfeiting may also involve copyright infringement. Title 18 Chapter 25 of the U.S. Code outlines a number of counterfeiting laws, most of which can be classified as the counterfeiting of currency or the counterfeiting of other items.

Counterfeiting Currency and Securities

Under federal law, it is illegal to knowingly defraud, produce, forge, or alter any “obligation or other security” of the United States, including money. Penalties for manufacturing counterfeit currency include fines up to $250,000, up to 20 years imprisonment, or both. Other similar offenses relating to counterfeiting currency include:

  • Distributing, selling, or possessing counterfeit money
  • Possessing counterfeiting tools

It is important to note that the federal government prohibits counterfeiting U.S. currency in foreign countries, as well as counterfeiting foreign currency in the U.S.

Other Counterfeiting Charges

The U.S. government also prohibits counterfeiting in other forms. Examples of other common counterfeiting charges include:

  • Counterfeiting checks and other monetary or banking instruments
  • Trademark counterfeiting, including goods or products
  • Counterfeiting government or military documents
  • Counterfeiting seals of federal agencies
  • Counterfeiting stamps

Experienced Federal Crime Attorneys in Houston

In order to convict an individual of counterfeiting, prosecutors must prove that the accused individual knew about the counterfeit and had the intent to defraud. These are crucial legal elements that our skilled Houston criminal defense lawyers attempt to disprove when handling counterfeiting cases. Additionally, our legal team works intently to deconstruct all circumstances surrounding investigations, arrests, and allegations to ensure that no stone is left unturned when creating an effective defense.

At the Law Offices of Billy Skinner, our many successful case results and victories prove that our lawyers have the tools, resources, and talent to obtain favorable resolutions for our clients, even in the most serious federal crime cases. Although every case is unique, our goals to have charges dismissed or reduced as much as possible never changes. If your or someone you care about stands accused of counterfeiting, waste no time in requesting your case evaluation. Allow a proven firm to fight on your behalf.

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