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The Law Offices of Billy Skinner is a Houston criminal defense law firm that has built a practice centered on personal attention to clients, proactive preparation, and aggressive representation. Just as these attributes have proven valuable in the numerous cases our legal team has handled throughout the years, they prove essential in our ability to handle the complexities of health care fraud cases. Health care providers in or around Houston facing these serious federal allegations can feel confident when choosing to work with our experienced and passionate legal team. At the Law Offices of Billy Skinner, our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to represent health care providers, medical professionals, and any other individuals or entities in need of experienced representation.

We are prepared to handle any insurance / health care fraud allegation, including:

  • Double or Over Billing
  • False Invoices
  • HIPPA Violations
  • Medicare / Medicaid Fraud
  • Forging or Altering Prescriptions
  • Insurance Benefit Errors
  • Billing Errors

We believe that most medical fraud cases begin with simple mistakes. It is easy for even the most careful medical professional to make an error, especially when working in a fast-paced and high-volume office. Anyone being investigated for health care fraud should consult an attorney before making a statement to investigators or law enforcement officers, as statements may later be used in court as evidence. Prepared to vet all of your legal options, our firm can help clients protect their rights and work toward having charges dismissed or reduced before trial. Should your case extend into the trial phase, we leave nothing behind when preparing and litigating on your behalf.

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If you are currently facing investigations or an indictment for health care fraud, allow our legal team to handle your case. A former prosecutor with years of legal experience, he is prepared to apply his knowledge of all applicable state and federal statutes to the facts of your case. As he is also intent on working closely with clients and on delivering them the support, information, and results they need, you can rest assured that a proven and passionate legal mind will be hard at work in your corner. Contact the Law Offices of Billy Skinner to schedule a case evaluation.