Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

At the Law Offices of Billy Skinner, we go above and beyond in our efforts to support clients, aggressively advocate on their behalf, and secure the results they need and deserve. By integrating our extensive legal experience with our unwavering commitment to the needs of clients, we are able to provide a relentless, unrivaled level of service.

No Stone Unturned

From intense and thorough investigations to meticulous preparation outside of the courtroom, we leave no stone unturned when vetting every single, potential legal option available to you. We gather more information and talk to more people than the government does and we conduct extensive research far beyond what the opposition—the prosecution—does. Doing so leaves no doubt in our minds that there may have been something more we could have done in your case, and provides you with the best possible chance of success.

Availability & Willingness to Fight

Billy Skinner is personally involved and invested in every step of your case. He is accessible 24 / 7 to clients and fights on their behalf until the bitter end. His commitment to the people he serves has been recognized throughout the legal industry, and he has received the 2012 Clients’ Choice award from Avvo.

Focused on the Ultimate Objective

While we make great efforts to support you through every step and to be available at all times, we never lose focus of our ultimate objective—helping you win. A successful case outcome can be produced in numerous ways and will depend on the personal facts and circumstances involved. Regardless, we tap into every available resource and pursue every professional connection to truly delve into your case and find creative, viable avenues to attain our goals.

Working Hard on Your Behalf

The unique dynamic about our firm and our client-attorney relationships is that while we work without rest on behalf of our clients, we make sure that they know we are in this together. We truly care about the individuals and families we serve and we believe know that success cannot be obtained without them. We make sure to handle, decipher, and solve all of the legal complexities and problems in your case, and when we win, we win together.

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