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Internet Copyright Infringement Defense

Internet piracy is a serious concern for law enforcement agencies throughout the world. In Texas and Harris County, specialized internet crime units focus considerable efforts and resources into blocking and regulating the theft of intellectual property. In turn, they have prioritized their efforts to punish those who commit copyright infringement, including online piracy of:

  • Movies, shows, music , books and other works protected by copyrights
  • Software and computer programs

In the past, task force units have targeted entities that facilitated illegal file-sharing and piracy. Today, they often target individuals who participate in pirating or distributing digital property. File-sharing has become incredibly common in recent years, especially with the use of peer-to-peer (P2P) and torrent programs. Because file-sharing is so common, many users believe such online activity is within the law.

Our Houston internet crime attorneys have represented numerous individuals accused of internet piracy, many of whom were unaware that what they were doing was illegal or mistakenly accused. The internet is a complex and evolving place and as a result, internet crime has become one of the fastest growing areas of criminal law. In the hustle and bustle of technological evolution, however, legal complexities are all too common.

Defending Against Online Piracy Charges

Piracy cases and internet copyright infringement can be tricky matters for both prosecutors and accused individuals. In order to gain convictions, the government must prove that (1) piracy was willful and intentional and (2) you personally downloaded and / or shared files. If multiple people use your computer, they may have a difficult time proving that you were the responsible individual.

Knowing the legal elements prosecutors must prove and the tactics they employ during investigations, negotiations, and trial, Houston criminal lawyer Billy Skinner is equipped with insight to deconstruct and disprove the government’s case. All cases are unique, but our motive to protect our clients’ futures never changes.

Discuss your Online Piracy Defense During a Consultation

Whether you or your loved one is currently under investigation for online piracy or have already been charged with copyright infringement – on a state or federal level – bringing your case to the attention of an experience criminal defense lawyer in Houston as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. Allow a member of our legal team to personally review your case, inform you of the charges and penalties you face, and explain how we can be of assistance. We are prepared to respond promptly to your call for help and to begin immediately on building a strong defense.

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