Our Principles

Law Offices of Billy Skinner’s Principles

At the Law Offices of Billy Skinner, we believe our unwavering dedication to clients comes as the natural result of being real people who truly care about the well-being of the people we serve. Passionate about the law and about protecting the rights of people, our criminal attorneys do not err in or stray from our commitment to clients, in our efforts to help them, or in our focus to win. The principles upon which our practice operates may appear simple, but they require true dedication and real passion from people who genuinely enjoy what we do for a living.

Our Principles Include the Following:

  • Care about clients
  • Maintain the passion to help others
  • Serve real people facing difficult experiences
  • Provide the right to exceptional representation to everyone, not just the wealthy
  • Fight without abandon for the little person, the real people
  • Stand up for clients and support them every step of the way
  • Fight on behalf of the accused and protect their rights and their futures

We focus on upholding these principles during every case we work and for every client we represent, which should make local Houston residents feel confident about having caring and capable legal minds and hearts nearby. Billy Skinner and our entire legal team have devoted our legal careers and personal lives to criminal defense, and we are relentless in our efforts to provide the highest-quality service possible.

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We are confident that our passion, experience, and commitment to these principles make our firm stand apart from the rest. A firm truly dedicated to the people we serve, we are motivated by a passion to help others navigate the criminal justice system, not by the desire to line our pockets. While we know these characteristics and qualities are rare, we also understand the skepticism or hesitancy that some people have when considering retaining legal representation. Request a case evaluation to meet personally with our legal team and see our passion first-hand.