Sex Crimes

Defending Against Sex Crimes

Have you been accused of a sexual offense in Texas?

Some of the sex-related criminal charges we can help with include:

Accusations of a sex crime can disrupt virtually every aspect of your life. From invasive investigations, to public scrutiny, to the threat of life-altering criminal penalties, everything about sex crime cases make them an overwhelming experience. Aware of the difficulties our clients face when they come to our firm in their time of need, our Houston criminal defense attorneys make the extra effort to provide sincere support and aggressive representation focused on protecting the rights, freedom, and future of the people we serve.

Former Prosecutor Fighting to Protect Your Constitutional Rights

Whether you or your loved one is currently under investigation or have already been formally charged, our firm is here to help. At the Law Offices of Billy Skinner, we are proud to bring an extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system to every case, and will do everything that we can to fight for the future of our clients. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Billy Skinner knows how the other side works; he knows the way they think, the way they prepare cases, and the moves they are likely to make. Now, as a defense lawyer, he can utilize this knowledge to his client’s advantage, helping them to always stay one step ahead.

Attorney Skinner became a lawyer to represent real people who need of affordable, exceptional defense. Although many people depend on the judicial system to remedy many problems, the system is not infallible, and wrongful arrests and convictions still happen with alarming regularity. In fact, according to a Virginia study, DNA testing exonerated between 8 and 15 percent of those convicted of a sex-related crime. At our firm, we believe in justice, and we do everything that we can to help defend against the possibility of a wrongful accusation. By focusing on protecting the rights of the accused, we ensure our clients have strong advocates on their side of the legal arena.

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Our firm takes pride in standing up for our clients. Sex crime cases are emotionally charged and complex, and because they pose devastating consequences, no one accused of any sex offense should delay in seeking legal counsel as soon as possible. Whatever particular charge you may be facing, we strongly encourage you to schedule a case evaluation so that you can learn more about your legal rights, your potential defense options, and what we can do to protect you against these serious allegations and harsh penalties.

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