Sex Crimes

Improper Relationship with a Student

Defense for Teachers, Coaches & Administrators

The Law Offices of Billy Skinner defends individuals who have been accused of engaging in an improper relationship between educator and student. A sex crime allegation of this nature can be devastating, especially when you consider what’s at stake – your career, your personal relationships, and possibly your freedom. For educators, coaches, administrators, and all other persons who work in education, the Law Offices of Billy Skinner is here to offer support.

When you work with a Houston sex crime attorney from our firm, your case will be in the hands of criminal defense professional whose experience and past case successes can help you feel secure in the defense you’ve selected for your case. From a risqué text message to a full-blown relationship, an educator who is found guilty of having a relationship with a child / student will face harsh penalties under the law.

About My Sex Crime Charges

If you’ve been charged for having an improper relationship with a student, then legal defense should be sought immediately. Employees of both public and private primary or secondary schools can be accused of this offense if:

  • The employee engaged in sexual contact, sexual intercourse, or another type of deviate sexual intercourse with an individual enrolled in the school where they work.
  • The employee holds a certificate or permit that was issued by Subchapter B, Chapter 21 of the Education Code; or the employee is a person who is required to be licensed by a state agency as defined in Section 21.003(b) of the Education Code and engages in sexual contact / sexual intercourse / deviate sexual intercourse with a minor who is enrolled at a school in the same district in which the employee works or a minor who is a student participant in an educational activity sponsored by the school district or a school within the district.
  • The employee acted with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desires of himself or herself, or any other person (actions can be made over the internet, by email or text message, or even through a commercial online service and can include communication with a minor that is sexually explicit in nature or distribution of sexually explicit materials to a minor).

An improper relationship between educator and student is a felony of the second degree and is punishable by no less than 2 years in prison and no more than 20 years. Contact the Law Offices of Billy Skinner at (713) 600-7777 to speak to a Houston sex crime defense lawyer at our office about the legal options available to you at this time.