Feb 18, 2015 | Jose | TX
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Billy Skinner defended me from a charge which I was completely innocent. He believed in my case from the beginning to the end, and did his best to show that in court. After several attempts with the prosecutors to get my case dismiss. He told me that we needed to go to trial and defend me in front of a jury. We did just that and he did an excellent job as a defendant’s attorney. He truly demonstrated to the jury that the cops were lying about my charge, and that I was completely innocent of the charge. I really believe that his expertise in defending his clients made it easy for us to prove that I was not guilty. Thanks to Billy, I am able to go back to my career which was in limbo, and continue with my professional life. I will always recommend Billy to anyone who is in trouble with the law. He is a very dedicated attorney who will fight for your case and will never lie to you about your chances of winning your case.