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Evolving Technology and Cyber-Crime

As more relationships start and evolve online, criminal allegations involving the internet and sexual relations will inevitably follow. Internet crimes are the fastest growing area of criminal law, and individuals who stand accused of these crimes need experienced and technologically resourceful attorneys who can help them in ways other lawyers can’t.

“Technology has changed the way we live, dramatically. As relationships change and more relationships start and evolve online, the allegations of criminal aspects or criminal allegations that are derived from the internet, particularly in relation to sex or sexual relations, are going to skyrocket. Whether it be face to face, whether it be online pornography, whether it be people who meet online; we spoke earlier about the catfish phenomenon, people meet online and they develop real emotional connections. And then sometimes they find out that the person they thought that they were dealing with isn’t the person that they thought they were dealing with and in fact it’s a bald headed, fifty year old cop sitting somewhere.

As technology changes and continues to proliferate, the criminal charges are going to follow. Big brother is out there. They watch a lot of things that we do. 20 years ago online solicitation of a minor wasn’t even a crime because there was no online. But now, internet crimes are one of the fastest growing areas of criminal defense. It’s one of those areas, again like we spoke about, where someone who is modern and uses technology to their advantage can really help their client in a way that other lawyers can’t.”