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Defense Against Life-Changing Penalties

Although violent crimes are a concern for every local municipality, district, and state in America, Texas has led the way in enforcing some of the toughest laws and harshest penalties for violent crime offenders. If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with any type of violent crime, place your trust in the hands of caring, capable Houston criminal defense attorneys from our firm. Some common violent crime charges include:

How Our Houston Lawyers Can Defend Your Future

As convictions of violent crime offenders produce a favorable view of local law enforcement agencies and presents an image that the local community is safer, prosecutors and law enforcement are often overzealous when conducting investigations and prosecuting the accused. When you have Billy Skinner on your side, you can be sure that prosecutors and officers won’t infringe upon your rights, and they when they do so, they will be held accountable.

Aside from protecting your rights during these proceedings, we work tirelessly to craft and initiate effective defense strategies. This is only possible after extensive investigations, preparation, and defense exploration. Additionally, we tap into our firm’s resources and the professional connections we’ve cultivated to further bolter your defense.

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Whether you or your loved one is facing charges for a misdemeanor offense or a felony violent crime, we address your unique case on a personal basis. By remaining legally flexible, we can create customized defense strategies that are based entirely on the facts inherent to your case and the applicable laws. Passionate about your rights, and concerned about your freedom and future, our firm fights tirelessly on your behalf throughout every step of the way.

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